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Main activities performed by our company

Website development and creation

We create unique adaptive sites of any type: landing pages and multi pages sites business cards, corporate websites, directory sites and online stores.

Service and support of websites

We provide service and technical support for sites. Selecting and registering a domain name and hosting. Creating software for small and medium businesses. For more information, please write to us or call.

Advice services

Are you a professional medical worker and looking for good work abroad? - Then we will help you with this. We provide consulting on employment of medical workers in Germany.


Some of our works

Medicor pflege









About the company

A brief description of the company itself

  • Origin the company


    Origin the company

    While studying at the university, an idea came about establish his own company for the creation and maintenance of sites and software development. At first, there were only two of us. It was difficult to struggle for a place on such a competing market, but we were able to do it.

  • The yield on the world market


    The yield on the world market

    Customers from Europe noticed us. We conclude several contracts with German companies. This gave us confidence and optimism.

  • Opening the firm in Europe

    April 2017

    Opening the firm in Europe

    Our company had grewing, developed and increased. And at the same time, the interests of the company also had grewing. After graduating from the university and in order to work more conveniently for all European customers, we decided to open a company in Slovakia.

  • Further development


    Further development

    We continue to grow and gaining momentum and popularity. We are moving only forward together with technological progress. We always strive to maximally satisfy the wishes and demands of our customers.

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Our Amazing Team

Leading company specialists

Bohdan Hordiychuk

Bohdan Hordiychuk

Back-end developer

Mykhailo Pernerovskyi

Mykhailo Pernerovskyi

Director of the company
Back-end developer

Alexander Kiselyov

Alexander Kiselyov

Front-end developer

A team of young, creative and ambitious professionals will make your wishes and dreams come true. We develop for You unique, adaptive sites for any sphere.